On path to pro, is College League of Legends a detour?

Last May, as the red and white confetti settled, Cody “Walrus” Altman hoisted the University League of Legends championship trophy. Maryville University’s jungler beamed as the marching band’s brass congratulated him with “Silver Scrapes.” Minutes earlier, he scored a pentakill against the University Toronto in the sealing game. As I watched him celebrate with hisContinue reading “On path to pro, is College League of Legends a detour?”


Butterfly effect: Revisiting Samsung Galaxy’s run at Worlds 2016

At 18 years old, I sat in my room and stared at two different college acceptance letters. I didn’t realize it then, but I was facing the most important decision in my life to that point. Whichever I chose, I’d be starting life in a new city. We all have to make big choices inContinue reading “Butterfly effect: Revisiting Samsung Galaxy’s run at Worlds 2016”

AZ Model Aviators share passion for flight at fall events

For most members of one Mesa aviation club, flying has been a lifelong pursuit – all without sitting in a pilot’s seat. John Mangino is vice president of the Arizona Model Aviators, a model aeronautics club based in Mesa. “We’re all about flying radio-controlled model airplanes,” Mr. Mangino said in a phone interview. He hasContinue reading “AZ Model Aviators share passion for flight at fall events”

Fact Check: Richard Carmona

The issue: Flake’s relation to bills that redefined rape Who said it: Richard Carmona, Former U.S. surgeon general. by Alex Ferri – September 10, 2012, 10:40 pm What we’re looking at Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona, a former U.S. surgeon general, said his Republican challenger, U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake, co-sponsored bills with Rep. ToddContinue reading “Fact Check: Richard Carmona”

‘Reflections’ Hits Steam Greenlight

This article originally appeared on Arizona Gamer. In Reflections, story mirrors your decisions. The real-world adventure game from Broken Window Studios is rocketing to the top of Steam Greenlight, having already cracked the top 100 after going live last week. It’s targeting an April release on PC, with a PS4 and Xbox One version confirmed to beContinue reading “‘Reflections’ Hits Steam Greenlight”

One-way ticket makes Mars mission possible

This article originally appeared in The State Press. By Alex Ferri | 10/28/10 5:49pm The road to Mars is a one-way street, says an ASU professor. In a paper published in the latest edition of the Journal of Cosmology, professor Paul Davies along with Washington State University professor Dirk Schulze-Makuch advocated for a manned, one-wayContinue reading “One-way ticket makes Mars mission possible”

Investigation: Arizona Pedestrian Safety

PHOENIX – ABC15.com is dedicating coverage to pedestrian safety in Arizona this week. We’ll explore the issue by looking at some troubling trends for pedestrian and bicyclist deaths, and also review potential causes behind them. Arizona ranks among the worst states for pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities, according to government statistics over the past several years.Continue reading “Investigation: Arizona Pedestrian Safety”