On path to pro, is College League of Legends a detour?

Last May, as the red and white confetti settled, Cody “Walrus” Altman hoisted the University League of Legends championship trophy.

Maryville University’s jungler beamed as the marching band’s brass congratulated him with “Silver Scrapes.” Minutes earlier, he scored a pentakill against the University Toronto in the sealing game.

As I watched him celebrate with his teammates,I could tell he liked the taste of the stage and the crowd and the lights and the music and the competition.

Eight months later, it’s still his only taste.

College League of Legends, the renamed uLoL series, has more than 300 participating teams across the nation. More than 30 of those are offering scholarships. I’ve even heard whispers that the NCAA might get involved. Loud

The more the collegiate scene grows, though, the more questions I have about its identity. Where exactly does it fall in the world of esports?

Is it supposed to be a proving grounds for the NA LCS, or is it meant to stand alone? Is it intended for aspiring pro players or just for students who love League of Legends?

I asked two collegiate players these questions and got very different answers.

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